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Here, at The Purple Aubergine, we provide high-level professional services mainly revolving around lifestyle-changing that help people to cope with mental health diseases by relating to diet.

We have many services that cater towards bettering lives through dietary & lifestyle change.

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What are sources of vitamin C?

When we say Vitamin C, the first fruit that comes to our mind is a nice blood orange. However, we can find it in many vegetable and fruits. For example, Papaya and Bell peppers have a higher amount of it. Australian fruit called Kakada plums has 100 times more vitamin C than oranges. Other excellent  sources of Vitamin C:

  • Blueberries,
  • Strawberries,
  • Chili Pepper
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Lychees

What food can boost my brain?

Our body can produce omega 3 and 6; however, we need to provide them from food. In conclusion, we can add that today in the most advanced countries we eat a lot of saturated fat ( bad fat). Consequently, many people have a deficiency of good ones and related conditions. A good practice could be to substitute all the junk food we eat with fresh homemade food and get our fats from oily fish, meats and oils.

Vitamins B6, B12 and folates controlled and support the process that builds neurotransmitters, while vitamins B1, B3 and B5 boost our energy, memory and mental health. People often associate Vitamin C with cold and flu. However, despite that, Vitamin C has been recognised as helpful in mental health too. In conclusion, we have Minerals.  In other words, fruits, vegetables and dairy products

How does physical activity help me?

A nice and sunny day is the best day to meet up with friends and have some outdoor group exercise. As we said, along with a good diet, exercising is one of the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle.

Recent research has shown that physical activity in a park or on a seafront is very efficient and faster than a gym trip. There is a different reason why this is possible. Firstly, outside we benefit from the sunlight. In fact, exposure to our skin to the sunlight boosts the level of vitamin D. That means a lot of benefits for our body. Besides, exercising in a park surrounded by a lot of green help our body to inhale better quality oxygen. Besides all, a park or seafront will help you relax and focus better on what you will do.

Is there too much sugar in cereal?


The stated recommended intakes for total fat, saturated fat, and salt represent maximum intake, while carbohydrate is based upon a lower intake:

  • 260g of carbohydrate corresponds with 52% of total calorie intake for a 2000 calorie diet. The recommended intake of carbohydrates is between 50-55% of total energy.
  • Sugar (90g) corresponds with 18% of total energy intake. That is on the lower scale, with daily recommended amounts between 17-26%.
  • The total fat of 70g corresponds to 31.5% of total energy intake. Daily recommended amounts lie between 30-35%
  • Saturated fat of 20g represents 9% of total energy intake. Daily recommended amounts fall between 8-10%.
  • Misleading behind advertising. We often see advertising such as “Reduced Fat”,” I lost 12 kg in 4 weeks” and many others. Are they Healthy?. A great example, with a bottle of “reduced fat” mayonnaise. That means the company reduced the amount of fat from their original recipe, but the amount of fat is still too high. Contrary, “low fat” means that the food contains less than 3g of fat per serving. Some breakfast cereals are plenty of sugars, and there is no healthy way to lose more than 1kg a week.

What is the best diet I can follow?

Suddenly, there is not a diet that suite to everyone. Everyone needs different amounts of nutrients. However, experts point the Mediterranean diet as one of the best ones to follow.

Does cardio help me burn many calories?

Cardio workout is perfect for our body. Like anything, if exceeded, it will not work. That why doing too much cardio put our body and brain under stress; besides, we lose muscles.

Does nutrition affect my mental health?

Researches showed that healthy eating habits help addicts to recovery from drugs addiction and boost their mental health. The role of Nutrition in Addictions and Mental Health is the fundament of the Purple Aubergine Project. Recently rehabilitation centres have taken the link between Nutrition, Recovery and Relapse seriously. Besides, some of them started to run nutritional workshops targeted to address their clients to healthy eating habits.

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Very professional and trustable. Highly recommended

Egidio Motolo

Rosario has excellent knowledge on the positivity’s of a good diet, especially when it comes to a gaining a healthy mind. Not only that, he’s a truly decent guy trying to get positive messages across.

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A ++ whose knowledge and passion for food is clearly evident in his cooking and advice on nutrition. A great guy with a wonderful personality!!

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