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Easy Dahal Aubergine and Spinach Curry

Vegan- Gluten Free -Lactose-free

When we produced meals for 40 – 600 people, there were a lot of special requests. Sometimes, customers had multiple allergies or intolerance, so we had to find a suitable meal for all of them simultaneously. Dahal Curry was one of them. This dish is suitable for many diets, and it is still a very nutritional meal. With this dish, originally vegan, you can make many people happy, and if someone fancies it, no one stops him to put some meat and make it suitable for meat-eaters.  Dahal Aubergine Spinach Lentil

What does “Dahal” means, and where does it from? Dahal Aubergine Spinach Lentil

Originally from East India, Dahal is one of the most beautiful and representative Indian dishes. The word “Dahal” means “split”. This dish, therefore, is made with red split lentils and rice. Like any recipe, Dahal has many versions from different towns, and the newest recipes come with meat. I would not mind adding some Lamb. However, the original recipe is vegan, and it was used as a main course for Hinduism weddings. Dahal Aubergine Spinach Lentil

With a higher nutritional value, this dish has plenty of carbohydrates, good fats and proteins, and all the macronutrients to move forward during the day. Dahal Aubergine Spinach Lentil


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2 teaspoons of oil, sesame (6 g)
200 grams of spinach, baby, raw
300 grams of lentils, red, split
30 grams of ginger root, raw
15 grams of fresh chilli
10 grams of spices, turmeric, ground
1 tbsp canned tomato paste (16 g)
2lt vegetable stock
1 heaped teaspoons of salt (8g)
200 grams of rice, brown, wholegrain, raw
150 grams of  diced aubergine

Cooking method

  1. In a pan mix, all the ingredients with the vegetable stock and keep them simmering. Put the spinach, Aubergines, and yoghurt on the side. Usually, split lentils can take from 45 minutes – to 2 hours. . You might need to soak the split lentil, check the package instructions.
  2. 5 minutes before the lentils are ready, add the spinach and the yoghurt. Bring with all the pan on the table surrounded with Naan bread or Parata and Chutney

Please note that

  • 100g of Naan Bread is about 300 cal extra.
  • 100g of homemade plain Paratha bread is about 171 cal extra.
  • 1tbsp of any Chutney is about 50 cal extra.
Nutrient Value per 100g Value per portion (190 g) DRI percentageinfo_outline
Energy 189 kcal 360 kcal 18 %
Protein 10 g 19 g 39 %
Carbohydrate 36 g 68 g 26 %
Sugars 2 g 3 g 3 %
Fat 2 g 3 g 5 %
Fatty acids, total saturated 0 g 1 g 3 %
Fiber 1 g 2 g 10 %
Sodium 532 mg 1.04 g 68 %

Easy Dahal Aubergine and Spinach Curry


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