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Low Price Group Activities With A Great Return

If you’re looking to learn more about nutrition, health promotion through fun activities then our group meetings are the service for you. At the low cost of £12 monthly, you can take part in our 2 hour monthly group with like minded people, surrounded by experts who will help you understand the principles of nutrition and overall health. This group includes a free body composition assessment as well as coffee and tea refreshments. Get in touch with us to subscribe to this service, you will not regret it.

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The importance of diet and exercise does not just lay in the effects on your physical health. It is equally as fundamental to better yourself mentally through the foods you consume and the exercise you partake in. We can take you through a course of exercises and activities to touch on why this is so important. Get involved in our group courses today.

Course Pricing

Group Activities

£ 12

2 Hour Group/ Monthly
  • 2 hours of activities with principles of healthy eating and weight management
  • Coffee and tea refreshment
  • Learning materials
  • Free body composition assessment
  • 15% off for Weight Management course applicants