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The practise of meditation and the link to music.

The practise of meditation consists of discovering our inner soul and have a good relationship with it. Music helps meditation

Therefore, we do not need special exercises or particular thinking, but only a quiet place where to lay. In other words, meditation helps us get full control of our thoughts, blocking our thoughts to control our minds.

Meditation can be practised in any place, indoors or outdoors, and supported by music, candles, nature sounds, specific colours, and room settings. We are not going into all these details today, but we will focus on the benefits of associating music with meditation.

Meditation, as a form of stress management, works very well if associated with music. It does not have to be classical music. Instead, it can be any song that makes you feel relaxed.

A quick outline of a different types of songs we can use to meditate:

Research showed that all these kinds of music above works very well.  They have been practised during the centuries by people and have a significant role in decrease anxiety and stress. Starting from 20 minutes a day, we can enjoy how long we would like. There are no side effects of meditations.

Music prepares us to balance our thoughts and our ego. Besides, music activates different areas of our brain, which explain why music evokes emotions, reinforces the immune system, helps to communicate, and mainly change your ability to perceive.

After that, have you ever heard of “Binaural Beats”? Music helps meditation

That consists of a new technique of meditation. In a few words, people hear music associated with meditation, with two different frequencies simultaneously. For example, the left side hears 200hz, and the right side hears 210hz. The difference in frequency is the “Binaural beats.”

We have four frequency, and all of them help in different ways.

 Our brain hosts millions of neurons. They produce different impulses and make possible the brain waves. We have four different types of brain waves.

Alpha. These are associated with a state of relaxation, and they occur when we rest with our closed eyes.

Betha. This type of wave occurs when our brain is active and awake.

Theta mainly occurs in children and adults when they experience emotional stress.

Delta waves indicate brain damage.

The connections between the waves, their frequency, and the brains are clear. This connection and the frequency make binaural music a powerful tool for relaxation and meditation.


There are many benefits from listening the right music, and all you need is just a headphone and an mp3 player. However, instructions should be followed when you practice this technique. The above links can help you to meditate.

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Psychoactive drugs and food facts


We can find psychoactive substance in many medications, foods and plants.


It needs professional help to stop using psychoactive drugs.


95% of Serotonin is produced in our gut. We have a complex bundle of nerves that form our "Enteric Nervous System" in our gut. That is called the second brain.

music and meditation
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Planning On Changing Your Lifestyle?

Trying to focus on the solution rather than the causes. That will lead you to a different level of thinking, reduce your stress, and make you feel better. Being constantly under stress increase the level of cortisol. Cortisol loves to help our body to store fat in our hips and our abdomen.

Right now, we know how to identify our triggers and learn how to deal with them. After that, the biggest challenge has an action plan to prevent relapse. A good relapse prevention plan includes three main steps. Firstly, recognize your triggers, secondly, deal with them and finally use our self-efficacy to deal with them without back in the old habits.

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