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Tips And Ideas For The Perfect Picnic by The Purple Aubergine

7 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas To Enjoy Your Picnic

“Dinner and a movie, forget that I’d rather have a picnic and a waterfall.” 

Amanda Grace.

A picnic consists of an outdoor event that includes the consumption of a lunchbox. It can happen in many forms. In the park with a loved one surrounded by nature, during an excursion on a mountain or volcano or just chilling on the beach listening to the sea voice. It sounds lovely and relaxing on the board, and the only question is what we will eat? Uhm interesting.

When we talk about a picnic, we find different people that will enjoy this event. Who promotes the breeze, which usually sorts everything out for everyone, who start to stress about the idea of preparing meals getting ready, and the one who does not care.

In this article, I will give you some tips and ideas on organising a healthy picnic lunchbox and making this event an opportunity to be healthier and enjoy your food.

Firstly, if you are the group leader and are happy to sort out some lunchbox, it will be better to consult the group of the person you will look after.

  • Remember, if you are in a group, someone might not like your option or have some barrier that does not allow him to eat it.
  • Think about where you will have the picnic, probably different locations and activities will require different energies and different foods. For example, a nice tuna salad lunch box or salmon sandwich goes well with a relaxing picnic by the lake or on the beach. On the other hand, I would bring a nice steak salad or chicken sandwiches and fruit for an excursion that requires many energies.
  • You do not have to do everything yourself after deciding what type of lunch box you will need. Running to the superstore or stressing different ideas and organising time will not help you. Any member of the group can do that. Besides, you can give responsibility to the group member who is willing to help. The best option is to talk to them and say: “ok, and everyone happy to do it can bring his lunchbox or meal,” Following this way, you will have various food. The curiosity will push anyone to see what everyone prepared and probably try something different.

Following these simple rules, the picnic will become an opportunity to enjoy enjoyable different nutritional meals together with family or friends.

At this point, we are ready for our picnic menu. As I said before, our picnic lunchbox has to reflect and support us to enjoy our event with our loved ones, family or friends in the place we decide to consume our picnic.

Here we give seven different nutritional lunch box ideas.


Chicken Salad Sandwich



Fish Sandwich

Mixed Berries

Vegetarian Sandwich




Beans Salad



Sweet Potato stuffed with  Bacon and cheese Tuna Nicoise salad


Yoghurt with Granola and Fruits



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Tips And Ideas For The Perfect Picnic Facts


Accordingly with NHS, we should have a Five-A- Day daily intake of vegetables and fruits.


Did you know that 150ml of fruit juice counts like Five-A-Day?


Exercising 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of long terms diseases. Picninc can be an excellent opportunity for exercising.

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