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Nutrition and Diabetes

What is detox and how does it work?

The most natural way to detox consists of stopping putting harmful substances in our bodies. Nutrition, sleep, sports and mindfulness are the most holistic detox tools. They are not sufficient to have a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, recognising and accepting that there is a problem is the only way to move forward and look for the solution. Secondly, the will to maintain a healthy lifestyle comes from inside us and not from external factors. External factors that can promote the desire to stay clean and healthy could be different

  • Social problems. 
  • Health Problems
  • Financial problems
  • In the worst scenario, live or die.

When we talk about mental health, it is challenging to diagnosticated them, and it can take months or years. They can be linked to each other or underlaying other diseases. However, it has been proved that many of them are related to malnourishment, and a good diet can help to reach a good level of psychological wellness. 

How nutrition, sports and mindfulness can support our treatment?

Sometimes, we need detox therapies. That includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Family Therapy, Antidepressants, and drug therapy. We need to do that to cope with cravings and withdrawal. Our bodies are made of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. They help our bodies grow, repair and restore, insulate our nervous systems and give us the energy to deal with daily duties. Sports help us learn how to set goals, reach them gradually, and shape our bodies. To conclude, mindfulness trains our brain to control our thoughts and stop our thoughts from being in control of our brain.


The stages of detox are different and vary from person to person and depend on how much substance we use and for how long. However, clinical detox supervised by a professional takes no more than four weeks. Cravings can occur for months. Dealing with cravings is the most challenging part of the recovery, and they can lead to relapse.

Here at the Purple Aubergine, We can help you to deal with mental health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The GI Diet – List of low GI foods (

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Detox Facts


Liver is the most important organ involved in detox. It works 24/7 to detox our bodies, and provides good compounds.


Sleep is the most natural form or recovery for our body. When we sleep, our bodies relax, and our organism recovery


Research has shown that people who has a healthy lifestyle, have more probability to saty clean and live longer.

Planning On Changing Your Lifestyle?

Trying to focus on the solution rather than the causes. That will lead you to a different level of thinking, reduce your stress, and make you feel better. Being constantly under stress increase the level of cortisol. Cortisol loves to help our body to store fat in our hips and our abdomen. Right now, we know how to identify our triggers and learn how to deal with them. After that, the biggest challenge has an action plan to prevent relapse. A good relapse prevention plan includes three main steps. Firstly, recognize your triggers, secondly, deal with them and finally use our self-efficacy to deal with them without back in the old habits.

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